Bird Net Control Services in Bhubaneswar

Our bird netting solutions can provide an immediate, effective and discreet solution to rid an area of pest bird problems. Our nets are carefully designed to provide 100% exclusion of birds. They aim to eliminate birds from roosting and nesting in areas. These roosting and netting areas are typically very popular because they can provide a “home” for a large number of birds.

Bird net control services are a specialized aspect of pest management that focuses on addressing issues related to bird infestations. Birds, particularly pigeons and sparrows, can cause various problems when they roost or nest in and around buildings. Some of the issues associated with bird infestations include property damage, health risks, and aesthetic concerns.

Where To Use – Window Openings, Gallery, Ducts Where MS/SS Grills Are Fixed, Open To Sky Area, Etc.

Pest Bird Covered – All Birds

Bird Pressure – Low, Medium, And High Pressure


  • Professional Bird Net Installation
  • Aesthetic Looks
  • No Gaps For 100% Exclusion Of Pest Birds
  • Customizable
  • Cost-effective
  • Non Splitting
  • UV Treated To Withstand Sun Damage
  • Does Not React With Chemicals
  • Long Lasting - 3 Years Warranty

Rentokil’s bird netting solution

How Does It Work?

Each bird netting job is unique and our solutions can be customised to suit your bird control needs. With our discreet, humane, and cost-effective netting solution, birds will be forced to move on to another location, removing the damage they were causing to your property.

We will also be able to recommend the best solution to deal with pest birds in your business.

Alternative repellents may include the bird track or bird spikes.

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