Lizard Pest Control Services in Bhubaneswar

Lizards are another crawling insect after cockroaches that you don’t wish to see at your house. But somehow, they always make their way into it without your permission. Sometimes it easy to deal with them but otherwise you need an effective and affordable pest control treatment. It is also recommended to have a pest control treatment twice a year. Aegis Care offers pest control treatment, particularly for lizards and GD.

Anusaya Pest uses pesticides and insecticides which have a strong effect on lizards and other insects. Some insects hide during the treatment process but eventually, they die after 3-4 days of treatment. During the treatment, the cooked food should be covered and other stuff like clothes, utensils and other useful things should be removed. Our team is experienced and are all well aware of the precautions to be taken during pest control treatment.

Preventive measures you can take against Lizard?

  • Don’t leave your doors open for a longer time. Lizards, spiders easy get through them.
  • Use mosquito net or other types of nets on doors and windows.
  • Don’t keep your food in open. Open food attracts lizards and GDs.
  • Use peacock feather. There is a conception that lizards don’t like a peacock feather and run away seeing them. Not sure if it works or not but you can try it.

Say No to DIY, Give Professional a Try

In India, people usually follow the casual hit and miss method or any DIY process to get rid of Lizards. This might be a penniless method but can cost your family heavily. In order to save a few rupees, you might be exposing your premises to harmful diseases. So, try our expert pest control service to protect your residential and commercial place from Lizards.

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