Under Coat (Bathroom and Roof)

Painting a bathroom big or small is a satisfying DIY and you can get expert results with the right prep and technique. Plus, knowing how to paint a bathroom yourself will keep your budget in check.

Painting a bathroom may be next on your list as a simple home makeover project and it will be very much worth your time. That is, if you get clued up on everything there is to know about how to paint a bathroom like an expert.

  • Put your plastic sheeting down to protect the floors and start taping off baseboards, trim, the sink, and any cabinetry. You'll also want to decide at this stage whether you'll be carefully protecting the toilet tank with painters tape or, removing it entirely. You're likely to get a smoother finish by removing it however, It's quicker to paint around it especially if you haven't taken the tank off before.
  • As with any painting job you'll want to cut in for an even distribution. Start this when painting the ceiling of the bathroom. 'After stirring the paint thoroughly to ensure it is fully mixed, apply to the ceiling line, taking care not to leave a thick edge.
  • It’s ok to come down onto the wall at this stage as you will be painting over this with the wall color. Using a roller, start rolling in the ceiling area evenly, overlapping by 50% as you go. Start from your strongest source of light (usually a window) and work away from it until the ceiling is coated.
  • If you're using a different color for the walls and ceiling, try to not take your roller down to the walls when painting the ceiling.

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