Foundation ad Rood Garden

Basement Waterproofing and Treatment

Whether you have problems with standing water, excess moisture, mould growth or high humidity in the basement, we have effective basement waterproofing solutions. With our knowledge and expertise, you can restore the value and safety of your property with a safe and dry basement.

Tiling Solutions

Our tiling solutions are versatile and provide consistent performance and tailor-made for all substrates & types of applications. These include a range of quality adhesives for fixing all types of vitrified & non-vitrified tiles, marble & natural stones on external and internal floors, walls, tile on tile, internal wet areas of building, facade and swimming pool tiling applications.


We offer a range of allied products that are versatile benefits. Products aid in strengthening and beautifying various surfaces in the house. When it comes to any possible surface in the house that needs your attention, we have got you covered!

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