Sanitization and Disinfectant Service in Bhubaneswar

During a time when the Corona virus pandemic has affected all sections of the society, it is important that we follow all the guidelines and precautions to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. In this context, we at Anusaya Pest are committed to aiding our range of elderly and patient care services, by introducing for the first-time in the Home Healthcare industry, cleaning and disinfection services at Home, Office Space, Factories, Schools or Industrial Facilities like Bank ATMs, Shops, Restaurant and Dhaba in Odisha.

When you should Sanitize your Home?

As a measure to achieve safety of yours and your family, Anusaya Pest has introduced for the first time in the Odisha, Sanitization and Disinfectant Service for Home and Commercial Place. Considered as one of the most effective no-contact disinfecting measures against the Coronavirus, the WHO approved Disinfectant Solutions which are skin friendly and food safe. These would be required.

  • If somebody in your family found COVID-19 Positive
  • After recovery of patient from COVID-19
  • For frequent out station Travelers
  • If any family member met with COVID-19 Patient
  • For families having elderly or kids

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